Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Fun, Unsavory Heritage

I was discussing with someone today our fun, unsavory ancestries. His are quieter, and probably a bit more unsavory than mine, but mine are fun and interesting nonetheless, so I figured I'd share some of them. It might shed a little light on the less fun aspects (read stubborn) parts of my own personality. ;) I am the descendant of members of the James gang for one (yes, the gang who rode and wrought havoc with the notorious Jesse James). My ancestors were fond of guns...and disobedience. They didn't often do as told. Another less-famous ancestor was hanged for being a horse thief. Apparently he was good at the disobedience, but a little less handy with the gun. And he got greedy...that's always a bad thing. I had one who was thrown in jail because he wanted to play cards on Sunday. Scratch that, not wanted...did. He was told to stop, and I imagine he just laughed...all the way to his cell. Not sure why he didn't just use the dang gun. Maybe he lost it in a hand? I am a descendant of the Booth family. Who comes to mind there? My infamous cousin, ole John Wilkes Booth, who was a little bit pissed off, used the gun, and shot Abraham Lincoln. Oops. I should also mention that my family has always been a little quick to temper, too. ;) I come from good stock, too, mind you. I had some very well-to-do ancestors who were plantation owners in Virginia...oh, yeah, they were slave owners, too...but I'm sure they treated their guys well! And me? Well, I learned a long time ago that I like guns, too, and that if needed, I will pull the trigger. There's a reason I don't keep one on me all the time, although I would love a job where I could just shoot someone if they piss me off. It must be in my blood. I have done stupid things, too, just out of stubbornness and disobedience. I was arrested for trespassing and breaking & entering, until it was discovered that I just had the wrong address. Oops. I double-check now before I forcefully enter a house. ;) I was only armed with a flashlight that time, though! It should have been a good tip-off, except the police out there also seem to enjoy the thought of shooting someone at random. Hey, we must be related!