Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My New Healthy Lifestyle!

A year ago, I was at a lower weight, but had just come out of an extremely Diabetic pregnancy, and my blood pressure peaked at 170/120.  I was drinking about 32-44 ounces of diet caffeinated soda per day and not exercising at all.  Every chance we got, we were eating fast food or buying sugary treats to enjoy.  What happened after that is no surprise.  I gained about 30 pounds, went on an awful blood pressure medication, and started to feel the effects of high blood sugars again (although I didn't check my levels).  I was dehydrated and stressed out.

Now I'm off my blood pressure medication with normal blood pressure levels.  I'm starting to make a dent in my weight loss, and I look better and feel better.  What did I do to make the difference?  Here's the step-by-step changes I made to my lifestyle.  I feel so much better and don't ever want to go back to my old destructive habits.

April, 2010--Joined the local aquatic center for its gym membership benefits.  Started spinning once or twice a week for 20-30 minutes.  Stopped blood pressure medication, although the levels were still a little bit high.
May, 2010--Tried Zumba classes at the aquatic center.  LOVED it.  Started taking Propel fitness water to drink for a healthier drink option.  Invested in some good workout clothes.
June, 2010--Made Zumba a weekly habit.  Worked out once a week for an hour.  Stopped the weight gain.
July, 2010--Switched to water instead of Propel.  No calories, healthier option.  Switched all our grains to whole grains.  Blood pressure levels nearing normal.
August, 2010--Increased Zumba to 4 times per week for an hour each time.  Increased fresh fruits & veggies, decreased fatty meat and sugar.
September, 2010--Gave up soda.  Blood pressure levels are normal.  Weight is going down.  Going in to the doctor for annual Diabetes screening and weight management consultation.

So, basically, it's been little steps over 5 months that are starting to yield awesome results.  Now I love discovering healthy new recipes and I look forward to (and really enjoy) exercising.  :)

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