Monday, June 6, 2011

A Little Paganism is a Good Thing!

I have given much consideration to religion over the past 6 months (in the time since I left my ex-husband). I have decided that I am a neo-Pagan more than anything. I feel the same quiet peace just sitting out in the middle of the mountains that I did sitting in the Celestial Room of the LDS temple. So what, you may ask, is a neo-Pagan? Well, that encompasses many things. There is a basic belief in karma, that what goes around comes around, and threefold, nonetheless. There is also the belief in magick. Now, I used to place my belief in the priesthood, and have found it to not be a far leap to go to magick. The spells are very much like prayers, only you call upon the elements in addition to any gods/goddesses you'd like to appeal to. The one time I have done a spell, it was a protection spell for a friend who was thrown in jail under false allegations. For the duration of the spell, the power was knocked out in the house. Once I was done, it came back on. And my friend? Released the following day.

If you are still here and reading this, you must have an open mind. Thanks! That brings me to what I actually wanted to blog about. I have been learning about the powers of stones when they are used in healing. I'm experimenting on myself. I have been feeling the draw of the moonstone for a couple of months now. As I researched what the power of the moonstone is, it made sense to me. The moonstone is a woman's stone. When worn on a waxing moon, it is said to help bring love to the wearer, and when worn on a waning moon, it is said to assist in divination. It helps to even out emotions, and aids in regulation of the female menstrual cycle. Having gone through several job changes, a move, an eviction, another move, a separation, and a divorce in the past year, can imagine how my emotions and my cycle were behaving! I was a mess! I am currently wearing the moonstone, and really, I feel a difference in my calm state of mind now, and those around me have noticed a difference. I plan to take my moonstone out under the Honey Moon (the full moon on June 15th this year) and cleanse it in mineral water under the full moon to restore it. It is really helping so far! I'm thrilled!

I have also researched amethyst, and have learned that it is a great stone for healing. A dear friend of mine is suffering severe and frequent migraines, and I am making her an amethyst necklace to help heal her. I am looking forward to seeing how it works for her!

As I learn more about the powers of nature around us (such as in the gemstones mentioned) I will add them to this blog so that others may see how they have worked for me, and will hopefully be able to use them to benefit themselves as well. :) Until then, may all of my readers enjoy good health and peace in their souls!

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