Monday, February 15, 2010

My Love Story

With Valentine's Day only a day behind us now, I have been asking friends to share their love stories with me, as I'm a sucker for a good love story! I decided to share my own here.

I met Cameron in July, 1999 while we were both working at Lagoon. We were both rides operators on the same end of the park, but did not meet until the foods department was shorthanded and recruited some rides operators to assist in catering a party. I was assigned to ensure the meat servers didn't run out of meat, and Cameron was assigned to serve meat. We and the other 2 meat servers had a lot of fun joking around and having a break from our usual work assignments, and after the party was finished being catered, we had some time before our evening rides shifts, so we went to the employee kitchen to get something to eat and to relax. Our friendship started there, and grew over the next month.

In August, Lagoon held an after-hours work party at Lagoon-A-Beach called the Beach Bash. I spent a week prior to the bash convincing my dead beat boyfriend that it was over, and I informed Cameron's girlfriend that I was stealing her boyfriend. (I don't think she believed me, but it happened.) We spent the night dancing and laughing, and became Lagoon's newest couple. For almost two months, everything went really well.

In early October, Cameron called me on my ride's phone to tell me he wasn't going to wait for me in the park at closing because he was going to walk a female friend out, but would see me at the rides office when I got there. When I did get there, I couldn't find him, so a friend told me where he was, and walked me to where Cameron and his friend were, just in time for me to see her kiss him. I was really upset, but I was Cameron's ride home, so on the way, I gave him a little glimpse of my thoughts by telling him she was a slut. That night he dumped me via email, saying it wasn't ok for me to say bad things about his friends.

After a couple of days, he wouldn't answer my phone calls or emails, and he called in to work, so I showed up at his house to talk to him about what had happened. We decided to remain friends and see where life took us.

After another couple of days, we were at my car after work when a friend in his mid-twenties told Cameron, "Man, if I had a girl who treated me the way she treats you, I wouldn't be dumping her; I'd be proposing to her." Cameron mulled this over for another couple of days.

In mid-October, we were watching Titanic at his house, when out of nowhere he asked me to marry him. I said, "Sure." After an engagement of nearly 8 months, we were married June 9, 2000 in my stake center.

This June marks our 10th anniversary. Our story has been rocky at times, dream-like at times, filled with challenges and achievements. We've been blessed with 3 beautiful children. And I really wouldn't want to edit our story at all. :)

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your story. i hadn't heard it before. And, like you, love the love stories. It's awesome!