Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Past, Present, and Future

I've been thinking lately of Christmas traditions that I grew up with, currently have, and hope to have in the future. It's amazing how the past has already shaped the present and continues to shape my future. Here are some of the traditions that have been running through my mind!


We used to open 2 presents every Christmas Eve--and they were always pajamas and slippers. We'd take a bath and then put on our new jammies and pile into the car, and then we'd spend Christmas Eve evening driving around Brigham City looking at all the Christmas lights and displays. I especially remember the Felts' home, where Mr. Felt made painted wood cut-outs of Disney characters and Christmas characters that were life-sized and had them all out and lit up. So pretty!

My mom prided herself on her fudge, and it was a Christmas staple. We always had fudge on the plates we gave away. She said the secret was to make sure all the sugar melted, and to use marshmallow creme. These two tips combined to make a creamy fudge rather than a gritty one.

My grandma Arlie started a tradition when I was 12 of getting a porcelain doll to add to us girls' collection every Christmas. She took me to Gepetto's in the mall, where I picked out my first one.

Every year, we'd pick out a new ornament for the tree. When I got married, I got to take my ornaments with me.

As each child was born, my grandma Florence would make a felt stocking for the new arrival that would match the other stockings in the family. The stocking itself was red felt, with a felt design on the front. Mine was an angel. I still have it.


I continue the tradition of new pajamas for my family on Christmas Eve, although we don't do slippers every year.

I continue the tradition of new porcelain dolls for me and my girls almost every Christmas. Santa brings them now.

I continue the tradition of new ornaments for each family member every year. We have quite the eclectic collection!

Every year I give plates of goodies to neighbors. They always include my fudge and toffee, along with whatever else I chose to make that year. My toffee is only made with butter!!

My husband's family always did a big Christmas Eve get together with food, games, and a talent show. We continue this somewhat by having good food and games on Christmas Eve.

We try to take the kids to Christmas village in Ogden every year so that they can enjoy the displays, maybe have some hot chocolate, and visit Santa.


I want to follow grandma Florence's footsteps in making matching stocking sets for my kids as they get married, and adding to their sets each time a grandchild is added to the family.

I want to build on my husband's family's tradition as my kids grow older of having them home for Christmas Eve for good food, games, and enjoying the company of one another. Who knows, maybe we'll have a train of our cars driving around looking at the Christmas displays. :)

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