Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cute & Useful Car Kits

You need:
1 large square hot pad with hanging loop in the center of one side (a decorative one that you like!)
Snack size resealable baggies
1 cute button
Thread to match your hot pad
Sharp needle

Lay your hot pad down decorative side down. Decide how many pockets you need your kit to have (ie-one for spare money, one for a little sewing kit, one for bandaids, one for medicine sample packs, one for nail care items, one for tissues, etc...). The number you come up with is how many baggies you will need. Lay the first baggie with the bottom of the baggie in the center of the hot pad and the zippered top parallel with the edge of the hot pad that has the hanging loop. Lay the second baggie pointing the other direction with the bottom slightly overlapping the bottom of the first baggie. Lay the third baggie directly over the first baggie, the fourth baggie directly over the second baggie, and continue in this fashion until all baggies are placed with the bottoms overlapping over the center of the hot pad. Sew the baggies in place in a straight line down the middle where the baggies overlap. Fold the hot pad in half around the baggies and sew the button onto the hot pad where the hanging loop meets the other side (so that the loop slips over the button to fasten the kit closed). Fill the baggies with the supplies you need to have with you in the car, fasten the loop over the button, and place in a convenient location in your car!

These also make great gifts for family members, new drivers, etc.!

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