Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Make a Baby Blanket on a Round Loom!

^Erika with her homemade blankie in her car seat.

When people see my baby with her little lavender fuzzy knit blanket, they often ask, "Did someone make that for you?" "Yes," I reply, "I did." They are always astonished. I take pride in my work, but really do it so my kids can have a soft comforting blanket from their mom. (Unfortunately I did not possess this skill when I had Christopher, but both of my girls have one, as do one of my nieces and a nephew.) Keep in mind this is a time-consuming craft, but if you enjoy loom knitting and would like to expand your horizons, here's a great project for you!

You need:

Big round knitting loom (I use Provo Craft's yellow one)

1 skein soft & chunky yarn

Purple loom-knitting tool

Wrap the first row of yarn around the loom as you would for a hat. When you have wrapped the last peg, change direction and go all the way around to the first peg again (the last peg will have one loop, all other pegs will have 2). Switch direction again and wrap all the way around to the last peg (the 1st and last pegs will each have 2 loops, all other pegs will have 3). Starting with the first peg, use the purple tool to pull the bottom loop over the other 2 and over the top of the peg. Wrap the yarn again, starting at the last peg and going around to the first. Starting with the last peg, use the purple tool to pull the bottom loop over. Continue in this fashion, switching directions each time you wrap the pegs and pulling the loops over in the direction that was just wrapped. Once the blanket has reached the desired length, pull the bottom loop over the top loop so that each peg is left with only 1 loop. Starting with the peg that you started with the last time you wrapped the yarn, pull the loop off the peg and onto the hook of the purple tool. Being careful not to slip that loop, pull the next loop onto the hook of the tool so that 2 loops are on the hook. Pull the first loop over the second loop and off the hook. Pull the next peg's loop onto the hook so that there are again 2 loops on the hook, and again pull the first loop over the second loop and off the hook. Continue until you have just the very last loop on the hook and the blanket is completely off the loom. If you haven't already, snip the yarn so that you have approximately 6-12" of a yarn tail. Pull the yarn tail through the last loop to secure it so the blanket won't unravel. Tie off both tails of yarn (where you started and where you finished) and weave the tails through the end of the blanket, trimming where desired. Enjoy!


  1. I'm definetly going to try this!!!!!!!!

  2. im doing this but how many rolls of yarn did you use and on the end just to get this right you put the loop closest to the handle over the other loop?

  3. How big of a blanket did this make? what weight of yarn did you use?

  4. Do the edges roll on this type of blanket?