Monday, October 26, 2009

Food Storage

3 Nephi 4:4
"[They] reserved for themselves provisions, and horses and cattle, and flocks of every kind, that they might subsist for the space of seven years, in the which time they did hope to destroy the robbers from off the face of the land."

We hear often about gathering together our food storage. I have seen many times in my marriage how important this really is! Even now, my husband's work is slowing down for the winter and money is becoming increasingly tight. I am so glad for my grocery money and for the food storage I have that I can use during tight times!!

Here are the tips I have learned when it comes to food storage:
* Shop the sales. Stock up just a couple of items at a time while they are cheap.
* Use coupons. These help save on the items you use often, especially when combined with a sale!
* Buy bulk on the items you use the most. I got a great deal on a big can of brownie mix (on sale) because we use it all the time. We got one for immediate use and one for our storage, and saved a ton over what we would normally spend on brownie mixes!
* Use the space you have as effectively as possible. I have a small pantry jam-packed full of food, and then have my big cans against the wall under my kitchen table where they are out of the way and out of sight.
* Learn home-canning skills. You can easily grow a garden or get great deals on seasonal produce, and make it last all year through home canning! I haven't bought grape juice, jellies, or apple pie filling in years!
* Use the items you have stored before the items you just bought to avoid spoilage. Check your expiration dates seasonally and use the items that will be expiring that season as soon as possible. Be sure to replace them as you can!

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