Friday, October 30, 2009

Service without Going Broke

I have a big heart, and often wish I could help everyone! That was a big reason I chose Family Studies as my major in college--I wanted everyone to have a strong family. The problem I often run into is that the people who seem to need help the most need money--something I struggle to have enough of for just my family's needs! How, then, can we help? We give small amounts as we can to good causes such as Pennies By The Inch and our Fast Offerings, and then I get creative.

Here are some ideas of ways we can forget ourselves and serve others while on a tight budget:
* Shovel your neighbor's snowy driveway when you do yours. It only takes a few extra minutes!
* Have your child invite a friend over for the kids to have fun and the other mom to have a break!
* Whip up some cookies for the holidays that are upon us and take some to family/friends/neighbors!
* Talk to the compassionate service coordinator in your ward to find out who could use a meal, and make a double recipe of that meal to feed both your family and theirs! The meal doesn't need to be fancy to make a big difference to them!
* When you see someone struggling with something, take a moment to offer up a hand!
* Smile! You don't know how many people's day it will brighten!

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