Monday, October 19, 2009

Frightening Halloween Treat Tips

To make eyeballs, simply top deviled eggs with sliced olives (1 sliced olive placed over the yolk mixture). Yummy and scary!

To make ghosts, put mashed potatoes into a resealable sandwich bag, seal, snip off a corner, and pipe through to make a standing-up ghost. You can add little olive pieces to make eyes and mouth, if desired. Boo-licious!

To make a spooky punch, mix 1 packet of grape kool-aid mix, 1 packet of cherry kool-aid mix, 1 1/2-2 cups sugar, and 4 qts. water. Choose from the following to have floating in your punch:
* Freeze gummy worms in ice cubes and float in punch.
* Mix water with red food coloring (or use cherry kool-aid) and fill a plastic/latex/nitrile glove with the water. Freeze, and peel off glove. Float your "bloody hand" in the punch.

To make grave stones, whip up a batch of rice crispie treats (or use store-bought), cut into rectangles of desired size, melt vanilla almond bark (or white baking chocolate), and dip gravestones in the bark/chocolate. Use decorator's frosting to write messages on your gravestones.

To make a graveyard, bake a chocolate cake. Frost with chocolate frosting. Put some oreo cookies in a resealable sandwich bag and crush into coarse crumbs. Sprinkle over cake. Get two strings of chocolate licorice and snip partway down lengthwise to make trees, plant in the cake. Use butter cookies for gravestones (or use the grave stone idea above). Plant on the cake. Place pumpkin candies around your stones. Mix a little bit of shredded coconut with green food coloring to make grass, and place around the base of the grave stones and trees. Instant spooky effect!

To make a frightening dinner the kids will love, cook up some spaghetti, mix in a marinara sauce, and add some dinner sausage (sliced in half lengthwise, then cut into 1-inch pieces). Heat to a nice hot serving temperature, and enjoy your bloody worms and toes! Eek!!

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