Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Ghosts Craft

This is a fun craft I do with my kids every year. It's really cheap, which is a bonus in hard economic times!

You need:
a big white garbage bag
black yarn
black sharpee marker
scotch tape
8 napkins/tissues/paper towels

Cut down the side and bottom of the garbage bag to make a big plastic sheet. Cut the sheet lengthwise in half. Then cut each half lengthwise in half again, and repeat with each quarter to make 8 squares. Loosely crumple the napkins and place one napkin in the center of one plastic square. Gather the plastic around the napkin and tie with a piece of yarn to make the head. Color dots for eyes and mouth with marker. Tie another piece of yarn into a loop and tape to the top of the head for hanging. Repeat with other 7 squares and napkins. Hang from tree, bush, porch rail, or whatever you want to have haunted.

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